siimple 3.3.1 Docs
siimple: minimal and responsive CSS Framework for flat and clean designs
A flat, minimal and different CSS framework.
That is siimple.
Current version: 3.3.1
Why siimple?
Build responsive, flat and clean web designs with the minimalist and flexible siimple CSS framework.
siimple has been built using SASS/SCSS. Just import only what you need!
siimple allows you to design a web page that looks great on all devices (desktops, tablets and phones).
siimple combines an elegant, modern, flat and minimalistic design.
So siiiimple to use!
siimple provides intuitive classes to style your elements.
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<div class="siimple-field">
    <div class="siimple-field-label">Your email</div>
        <input type="email" class="siimple-input siimple-input--fluid" value="">
        <div class="siimple-field-helper">Provide a valid email</div>
    <div class="siimple-field">
        <div class="siimple-field-label">Your message</div>
        <textarea class="siimple-textarea siimple-textarea--fluid" rows="4">Siimple is awesome!</textarea>
    <div class="siimple-field">
        <span class="siimple-btn siimple-btn--success">Submit</span>
        <span class="siimple-btn siimple-btn--error">Cancel</span>
With a flexible grid system!
Build responsive layouts using our twelve-columns grid system.
<div class="siimple-grid">
    <div class="siimple-grid-row">
        <div class="siimple-grid-col siimple-grid-col--5">5</div>
        <div class="siimple-grid-col siimple-grid-col--7">7</div>
    <div class="siimple-grid-row">
        <div class="siimple-grid-col siimple-grid-col--8">8</div>
        <div class="siimple-grid-col siimple-grid-col--4">4</div>
Let's get started with siimple
You can get started with siimple reading the official documentation: learn how to add siimple to your project and discover how to style your buttons, forms and more!
Read the documentation
What people say about siimple?
This is a really cool framework for rapid prototyping or for building custom layouts without starting from scratch.
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Siimple is a concise, flexible, beautiful, certainly minimal, front-end CSS framework that serves as the foundation for building FLAT and clean design web pages
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Flexible, aesthetically built and a concise front-end CSS framework to accomplish clean web pages.
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Contribute to siimple
Contribute to our repository on GitHub. Bug reports, improvements and new ideas are always welcome!
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