@siimple/standalone (Experimental)

Standalone script for using siimple directly in browser.

Note: this is an experimental package. API may change at any time. Please do not use it in production.

When to use @siimple/standalone

You should normally not use @siimple/standalone and use instead the CLI or the PostCSS plugin to generate a CSS file with the siimple styles.

However, there are some valid use cases:

  • For rapid prototyping and development purposes: you can get started with siimple without any additional setup, just including a simple <script> tag in your HTML file.
  • For using in some REPL environments, like JSFiddle or CodePen.

Alternatives to @siimple/standalone

You can use our Playground App to get started with siimple and for rapid prototyping without any other setup.


The easiest way for adding @siimple/standalone to your project is including a <script> tag in your HTML file importing this package from esm.sh CDN:

<script type="module" src="https://esm.sh/@siimple/standalone"></script>

NOTE: remember to add the type="module" attribute in the <script> tag.

You can also install this package in your project using npm:

 npm install --save @siimple/standalone


When loaded in a browser, @siimple/standalone will automatically compile the configuration provided in a <script> tag with the type="text/siimple" attribute and include the output CSS in a <style> tag.

<!-- Load @siimple/standalone -->
<script type="module" src="https://esm.sh/@siimple/standalone"></script>

<!-- Your custom configuration there -->
<script type="text/siimple">
    export default {
        // ...your theme configuration

You can import additional packages to customize your theme. All packages will be imported automatically from the esm.sh CDN service:

<script type="text/siimple">
    import base from "@siimple/preset-base";

    export default {
        // ...your configuration

Using an external script is also supported:

<script type="text/siimple" src="theme.js"></script>

Prevent Flash of Unstyled Content

You can prevent the common Flash of unstyled content effect in your webpage by adding a new <style> tag in your HTML with a .unstyled {display:none;} css, and assign this unstyled class to the <body> element to make it hidden by default:

        <!-- ...your head content -->
        <style>.unstyled {display: none;}</style>
    <body class="unstyled">
        <!-- ...your body content -->

After siimple is compiled, it will automatically reset this class and display the content of your body styled.


MIT License.

Designed and maintained with by @jmjuanes.

Code is licensed under MIT, documentation under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0.

Currently v4.3.1